Atlantis truffles A/B test

Truffle trips are different on the base of the people or on the base of the environments. Usually it is difficult to compare the effects because from trip to trip the situation is really different. I think this experiment, by the way, may be useful since the same quantity is applied on the exact same environment and conditions, but on two different subjects.+

Quantity: 30g Atlantis truffles for me (pack B) and 30g Atlantis truffles for my girlfriend (pack A)
Environment: SPA hotel 4 stars and underground thermae

14.00 – 15.00: Assumption
Me: i took directly the entire package, with lots of water to help the ingestion. I knew that the first effects would take place in around 45minutes. We planned to have some sex before and then go to the pool downstairs. I don’t know if it was for the mushrooms, but i was unable to come, so the sexual act was longer than expected. Every time i closed the eyes i was thinking about a snake-woman, talking with a normal woman in a indian temple. I was feeling warmer and warmer and suddenly, after around 40 minutes, i started laughing so hard. My girlfriend was a bit disappointed but we are intimate enough and i just told her that i could not go on anymore because i would laugh more and more. We stood up and i felt a bit dizzy in the head, i entered bathroom and the light was so brighter than before! i know my reactions because i had more than 10 trips until now. I asked to my GF if it was all ok, and she said she felt a but strange, nothing more, so i made her eat her half package that she left before. After this, i was extremely interested to the tents of the bathroom and the effects of the wind on them. I told her i would fill for her a bottle of water. Then i got confused, but i saw clearly the bottle full of water. After some minutes i remembered about it and i took it, it was empty. Puzzled, i told her about this magic and she came to see. She filled it and said “you filled only half of it”. well, i was like what a fuck… I understood i was going to be unable to react properly to even the most basic situation, so she urged me to come downstairs before her mushrooms got effects. I somehow made myself dressed and we left the room.

Her report: After the first half package i had a light sensation of nausea and weakness on the legs, altered visual perception. Unstable movements and high consciousness, sensation to have everything under control.

15.00 – 16.00: To the thermae

Me: Descending the stairs and walking through the corridors i felt like i was descending in the church of some kind of ancient creature. Posters and paintings looked like 3d and there was no way to distinguish if it was real 3d or the mushrooms effects. My GF told me they were not 3d, just normal paintings. A fresco of Athena looked like some kind of revelation to me and i stayed in contemplation until my GF came and took me out of that vision. Everything started looking so strange and alive more and more i descend, until we arrived to the pools. The system is a big underground room with an olympic pool, a normal-water big pool with internal hydromassage showers, and two little pools hidden behind thick columns. Deck chairs were distributed around the first 2 pools. The ceiling was yellow-orange, with a big globular
map of the world of 2 meters of diameter directly above the big pool. Very few people there initially. I was really embarrassed for my conditions and i tried to have a flawless behavior, but it was extremely difficult, mainly due to the huge globe pending above me while i was in the main pool. Concentrated on it, i recognized the shape of a faunus, that was teaching me some stuff about oceans. Initially i did not realized that there were the two hidden pools. At a certain point i saw people just walking IN the floor and then only the heads. I argued with my GF: in my opinion they were just entering the floor marble, while my GF hypotized the presence of a pool. She was right.

Her report: People had contours. like paper-made human being with thick black contours. I felt like in a dream, lights and colors were extremely beautiful. I kept feeling some sort of call from underwater. Slowly increased in me the conviction that i was a fish and that there was a world just underwater and i could visit it without need of breath. Several times i tried to go underwater and i truly didn’t need to breath anymore, but my BF was always rescuing me without allowing me to stay underwater until death… but i wanted just to stay underwater, i didn’t care about air. information about magic truffles

16.00 – 18.00: The hidden pools
Me: In the hidden pool there are massage beds, that could be turned on with a button. Relaxing on them i felt SO good. Everything was orange and breathing. Slowly i realized how the environment resembled a giant orange octopus, the columns being the tentacles and the central globe being the pulsing brain, pregnant of an ancient wisdom. For a certain time, i was trying to distinguish if we that was the octopus stomach, or the octopus was just protecting a sort of cave. When i tried to communicate these ideas to my GF, she didn’t understood a word, and later she told me i was speaking a strange language. Then another idea popped up in my mind: all the vacation idea, the 4 stars hotel, the mushrooms and the pool, all was a mysterious plan ideated by the octopus and the faunus in order to get people to the octopus cave and digest them all. But it was not a problem for me, i was ready for being consummated. At a certain point we discussed like this
She: are we dead, aren’t we?
Me: nope, but we will be digested in this cave, we will decompose here
I was not fascinated by the water, but by the globe in the ceiling. This correspond to the Jung’s researches about the collective unconscious. The women are bounded to the mood cycles and to the water element, while men are bounded to the sun and the air element. As she was fascinated by water, as i was fascinated by the ceiling. I was not disturbed by the people in the pool with us, since i thought that they were victims of the octopus trap like us, or maybe strange snake-humans collaborators of the octopus. I felt really bounded to the Atlantis kingdom and the sun-water underground binomial environment that we were experimenting. Strong visuals were as always related to patterns. In particular, a series of standing bikes near to us (they could be used for gym exercises) looked first as strange droids as the ones in star wars, ready to battle, then they looked like giraffes, and so on. After long time, i felt like i was putrefying in the water, and i went to the deckchair.

Her report: the call of the water increased in the hidden pool. A bright blue light comes out from the bottom of the pool, like there was a door. I hated the people which entered the our pool, while the inanimated objects seemed to breath and move slowly. A can swear that one woman with the green swimming cap had a long forked tongue. I wasn’t feeling the body anymore, just the my mind. A felt like i was dead, then i felt like i was sleeping, and i feared to wake up in an hospital… there was a strange steam everywhere, permeating the environment and not randomly, but drawing precise shapes in the ceiling. I was fascinated by the details and i tried to focus on them. More the people was entering the pool, more i felt bad and i thought i was getting crazy. I wanted to get out because i felt observed, people were staring at me, speaking an unknown language, hearing their echoes i didn’t feel good, so i closed the eyes trying to get calm. I heard gregorian chants all over outside and i have the feeling that someone is executing a sacrifice of someone. Ecstatic, i stay immobile being maliated by this litany. Many times i asked to my BF if we were still alive, and i wanted absolutely to reach that underwater blue door… when my BF got out from the pool towards the deckchair, i stared at him like enchanted, and i see that his face is deformed, his face is the only one without contours, and bright white. I laughed a lot.

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18.00 – 18.30: deck chairs and return
Me: i felt warm and relaxed on my chair with my towels. The visuals went on, the columns were curving and stretching like tentacles, and when i closed the eyes i heard children singing strange hypnotic songs, like a ritual. The sound of the waterfalls became extremely noisy, like if i was underwater. I watched my GF in the eyes and they had flames inside, so i asked her if she wanted to explode, and we laughed a lot. At a certain point she complained about people staring at us and she was scared, so we went back to our room. returning, i felt better than before, and the paintings were not 3d anymore.

Her report: i couldn’t stand the situation anymore on the chairs. People was watching me, for sure. I was happy to return to my room.

18.30 – 19.30: the room
Me: i had the most intense trip on the bed. I was hugging my GF from behind, and i thought she was sleeping, when i closed my eyes everything exploded. I felt ivy wrapping our bodies, sealing us for the eternity, her long black hair were part of the ivy, and they created a forest. Three of four pines of this forest were alive, their eyes burning like the ones of my GF in the pool. They said “she is the mother of the forest, she is the snake woman, she is the mother earth, you two will be bounded for ever”. That absurd stuff went on for a time that looked infinite. i felt weak as never before. But since i already tripped even with a double amount of shrooms, i was not scared at all. I thought our legs were crustacean pincers.

Her report: Heading back to the room i felt tired and heavy, when i arrive to the room i panicked because the lights were not working. so i really wanted the effect to go away because i wanted to ask to the reception for help with the lights and i didn’t want them to discover we were high. I kept asking when all was going to finish, so my BF forced me to relax on the bed and he hug me. I focused on the tents… it seemed like someone was caressing them, they were moving slowly.

19.30 – 20.00: Aperitif
Feeling better, we discovered easily that the lights were working with the room key, and happy we went to the hotel bar to drink something. We ordered like always a Prosecco and a Cynar, trying to be as normal as possible, but we were still talking strange and laughing like kids. We (me in particular) were extremely hungry and we ate all the snacks that were available, like olives, tacos, chips, cheese, and so on. We were both still stoned and euphoric. But without visual anymore.

20:00 – 22.00: Dinner
Classical sensation that the food we ate was the best food off all time, at ten we came back to the room and we watched Harry Potter, but soon we slept. Perfect wake up in the morning without side effects, only happiness. We shared our experiences and our thinking, for sure it was the best trip of mine, very relaxant and pleasing. For her was really awesome as first truffle trip. Incredible experience!

Peace and Love,
Enrico C.

Atlantis Truffles review

As a person who enjoys the natural things in life, however weird they may be I’m always traversing the internet for something new to indulge in or simply learn about. I will always choose a smoke over a drink and a good psychedelic experience over a night out on the town! So, with this in mind, just over a week ago I began my usual trawl through the depths of the web, seeking new stories and ideas about entheogens.
I had used magic mushrooms and truffles in the past and the humble memory of my experiences led me to wanting a new one. I have used website’s selling such products before, but with little luck. Then I came across Avalon Magic Plants. Immediately the layout and look to the website was so much better than that of its counterparts. A very clean design along with a clear arrangement meant I was able to find exactly what I was looking for with such ease.Buy Tampanensis Truffles

Not only had I found what I was looking for, but the price was incredible! ‘Super sale: 30 grams of Atlantis Magic Truffles’ it read. I was shocked as even in the smart shops in Amsterdam, the prices weren’t this low for truffles of such potency. Clearly I was a little suspicious to start with, so began to read reviews on the website and elsewhere on the web. Everything seemed legit and they even accepted Credit/Debit cards. My mind was made up so I decided to precede with the purchase of the Atlantis truffles. Filling in the info was quick, easy and within five minutes my order had gone through.

I ordered on Saturday afternoon, and since they do not ship on Saturdays or Sundays I knew a little wait would at least be reasonable. Monday came and the e-mail came through that they had been dispatched. I was excited by the prospect of the truffles arriving so quickly! However, bad weather had come to spoil the party (Stupid snow). News was the postal service was severely behind due to this. Despite the calamity of snow and poor service from the UK postal force, they arrived on Friday morning in a little box completely covered in ‘Priority delivery’. Wow. Less than a week and they were here even with all the commotion.
So, I had been impressed with everything so far, the set-up, service and delivery. Of course the most important thing was the product, so that evening I began my ‘analysis’ of the truffles, if you could call it that! It was decided that me and two friends would take the truffles, me having used them on a number of occasions beforehand and my two amigos having their first experiences.
The truffles came in two vacuum packs inside one small plastic box. We weighed out the truffles so we could all have an equal dose. When I weighed them out I expected to find the truffles weight somewhat diminished due to drying out whilst being delivered. I was pleasantly surprised to find the weight was more than I had ordered! Clearly the guys at Avalon had accounted for this and topped both packs up. Just over ten grams each was the dose. I knew that this would be more than enough for my friends and should have been just fine for me too.

I hadn’t eaten for a long period before taking the truffles so was certain that I would get something out of the experience, even though I would have liked to have had a few more grams for that extra kick! We got on with the task of chomping the truffles. They seemed to be fresher than I expected. The texture and taste was superbly similar to when I had taken them in Amsterdam. No loss of quality it seemed. Of course the taste isn’t very nice but that was a small price to pay for the experience that lied ahead.

So, we had taken the truffles and began the task of getting ourselves as comfortable as possible. We set up a mound of pillows and bed quilts to lie on, turned the lights off and had a lava lamp illuminate our environment. It’s safe to say this really helped the trip along nicely. After half an hour I noticed the some effects beginning to take place. I was very fidgety and realized that I had to be even more comfortable! After a few moments of finding the perfect position to lie in I was set.
The next hour involved reality becoming more distant and thinking patterns becoming odder. Time certainly slowed down to the point where I couldn’t believe we had only been laying there for an hour and a half! It seemed like much longer. It’s worth noting that at no point I felt out of control, or that things were going wrong. I felt at complete ease with the experience and after a couple of hours I was no longer in this reality. I got lost in the deepest of thought patterns, each as exciting and interesting as the last.
Every now and then each of us would come back to realize where we were. Leaving the environment for a toilet break wasn’t a big deal, soon on returning to my resting place I was right back to where I had been previously in my though patterns, as though I had never left. One of my friends felt overwhelmed at one point, asking ‘How long is this going to last!?’ I calmly replied that we were as safe as we have ever been, and that it will soon be nearing the end. This was enough for him to ease back into his own little world of atlantis truffles
There were stages of intense laughter thrown into the mix as well. However, the visuals were not as strong as I have had in the past, but I would put that down to the consumption of only ten grams rather than a good hit of fifteen. Nevertheless, geometric shapes where predominant at one point.

I can’t say for sure what my friends experienced as first time users, but they were very happy with the end results, one even admitting that the reality that we live in is awful compared to the one he had been a part of only a few hours ago. I had been able to take what I needed out of the trip, allowing myself to come back to reality so easily. This has to be for me the best comedown experience ever, in complete control with a wonderfully warm sensation.
Well, I suppose I could go into so much more detail about the experience, but words really wouldn’t do it justice. These truffles are of top, top quality! I will be ordering again for sure, as will my two friends who realize that we can learn so much more from the tools nature has provided us with!
Enough about the truffles, I think the contents of Avalon Magic Plants is definitely worth a mention. The array of things to choose from is really impressive. There are smoking paraphernalia such as pipes, bongs, grinders, lighters, vaporizers and more. Nearly every type of mushroom grow kit available. There are hundreds of different strains of marijuana seeds. Psychoactive cacti and salvia. Legal highs that you’ve never even heard of. An impressive display of naturally occurring plants, such as the lotus flower and khat. I could go on but really you need to check it out for yourself! (
Well, I hope this helps anyone who is considering buying not just truffles but anything this site has to offer. They are extremely helpful and will reply to any queries you may have at break neck speed! I would highly recommend this site over the likes of, and Sites that I have used in the past! Thanks again Avalon Magic Plants!